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  • Mission:
    To create Sustainable Future for the people San Diego County.
  • Values:
    Ethical Integrity: More than just honesty, this value includes transparency, accountability, and credibility. If you want to make a sustainable living then you need to make all decisions as a long term member of the community.
    Interdependence: recognizing that "no man is an island", every individual should still strive to be self sufficient, and work cooperatively to maximize their potential. This means conserving energy, and producing more than you consume.
    Dialog: Open communication means information is public, and flows in all directions. The leaders of this Sustainable Future social network will not censor speech on this site, as long as it is relevant and meets 'Family Friendly' standards. Please, don't use this site for Spam. (commercial information and advertising standards are evolving).
  • Goals:
    • Sort Term: Currently we are working to inform San Diegans about AB-811 and the P.A.C.E. Programs (Property Assessed Clean Energy) now becoming available to them. Both the City of San Diego's Clean Generation program and the County of San Diego's 'California First' Options are beginning to roll out, and we want to maximize the benefits of these programs for individuals and the community.
    • Mid Term: Over the next few years, Sustainable Future in San Diego will bring you news and interviews with local business and community leaders to educate our local communities about the Green Revolution. This is a very exciting time, and as new opportunities arise we want to be there to help you find solutions to your energy needs.
    • Long Term: As we move into a new economy, San Diego will change and we want to become the most trustworthy source of reliable information about everything Sustainable in our collective Future.
  • Purpose: The purpose of this community based communications network is supply GREEN information and public education to the people of San Diego.
  • History:

Listen to our Podcast about the future of San Diego, we focuses upon Renewable Energy Technologies, and our shared environment, water, food, and land use planning. Creating community progress via cooperative solutions.

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SUSTAINABLE FUTURE -- is an online community network, designed to spur cooperative solutions via communication and education in San Diego.

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